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Westmalle Double

Red-brown trappist beer (7,0%)

24 x 33cl
Bottle deposit: €4.50

Bottle deposit

The amount of bottle deposit (if there is any) attached to a product is shown in the product details. Once you give back the empty crates, you get the bottle deposit back in the form of Andy credits.

Red-brown Trappist beer, rich in flavour (7%) with hints of caramel, malt and fruit. Its delicious dry aftertaste is recognisable and unique. The name 'Dubbel' refers to a doubling of the ingredients of the light, original Trappist beer that the monks brewed for themselves. The Dubbel is brewed within the walls of the Trappist abbey with pure water from dozens of metres below the abbey, barley malt, sugar, 5 types of hops and the unique Westmalle yeast. This yeast allows the beer to ferment 3 times. The first time during the main fermentation, a second time during the maturation and a third time in the bottle. This is how it gets its rich, full taste.