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Hendrick's Gin

Refreshing premium gin (40,0%)

1 x 70cl

Hendrick's Gin is a wonderfully refreshing premium gin made in a small Scottish village called Girvan. A carefully selected composition of eleven ingredients forms the heart of this popular drink. Cucumber and rose petal shapes are abundant, but this is not all. Juniper berries, coriander, citrus zest, elderflower and angelica, among others, are also used. Together this gives the Hendrick's gin its characteristic taste.
It is well known that at Hendrick's they distill in a relatively unusual way, which is why the brand proudly carries the motto - gin made oddly. How they do this? For the production of Hendrick's Gin, two stills are used to manufacture two separate distillates that are later combined.
In one boiler, ingredients are soaked for 24 hours before distillation begins. In the other, ingredients are gently steamed so that the base alcohol absorbs the best of each ingredient. Finally, both distillates are combined and enriched with the best of cucumber and rose petals to create Hendrick's Gin.