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Fruity refreshing drink
24 x 20cl
Bottle deposit: €4.50

Bottle deposit

The amount of bottle deposit (if there is any) attached to a product is shown in the product details. Once you give back the empty crates, you get the bottle deposit back in the form of Andy credits.

Fristi made by the wellknown dairy factory of Campina is the perfect refreshing drink. It consists of low fat milk combined with various fruits. Campina Fristi Red Fruit contains grapefruit, apple, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and cherry. This perfect red fruit mix tastes sensationally good in combination with low fat milk. You should drink enough milk to get your daily ration of calcium and proteins. Fristi is a very healthy and tasty alternative to common milk. The red fruit mix brings in a fresh touch, which thanks to the milk is mitigated al little and doesn't taste sour. Together this makes a really fine refreshing drink. Campina Fristi Red Fruit is the perfect soft drink for your children when they are at school. But also many adults swear at Fristi.