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Pajottenlander Apple

Organic refreshing juice
6 x 100cl
Bottle deposit: €4.50

Bottle deposit

The amount of bottle deposit (if there is any) attached to a product is shown in the product details. Once you give back the empty crates, you get the bottle deposit back in the form of Andy credits.

The apples used for the Pajottenlander apple juice originate from Belgium and Germany and come from organically treated standard orchards. Rich in vital substances, Pajottenlander apple juice makes our body less vulnerable to infection and keeps the intestinal flora balance in check. In addition to being detoxicating, it has a wholesome effect in case of gall and bladder complaints, loss of appetite and skin disease. Moreover, apple juice is highly recommended in the event of liver and kidney complaints. The fruit acids contained in the apple juice are conducive to optimum digestion and boost the action of the gastric juice. Apple juice helps in case of diarrhoea and intestinal disorders. It has a particularly wholesome effect on small children and infants. Apple juice also plays a key role in blood cell production because it helps raise the haemoglobin level. Pajottenlander apple juice is a healthy, thirst-quenching drink with an unparalleled aroma for any moment of the day.