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How it works

Why you need to try Andy

There are many reasons to try Andy: convenience, price, service, choice, our amazing personalities…
Here are some others:

  • Fast Delivery

    Straight to your door

    We deliver your drinks within 180 minutes - check out our delivery area to see if that´s already possible in your area!

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  • Free delivery

    Convenience shouldn´t cost the world

    Ground floor, penthouse, somewhere in between – it doesn’t matter to Andy. We’ll bring your order right to your door - always for free.

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  • Easy return of empties

    From your first order on

    We want you to enjoy your drinks without worry - so we take back your empties with every delivery.

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  • Eco-friendly delivery

    Electric vans and zero emissions - Promised!

    We deliver 100% with (flashy green!) electric vehicles to keep the air clean and emissions at 0.

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