Cookie policy
The website of Contaynor BV, with registered office at Industrielaan 65, 1070 Anderlecht, company number 0737.476.449, uses cookies. This cookie policy provides you with information about what cookies are, which cookies are used, how long they are stored, how Contyanor uses the data collected by cookies and how you can manage cookies.
General information
Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your computer by the websites you visit. They contain session data inconnection with your use of a website, which can be used by the website concerned for various purposes, for example to make your website visit more user-friendly or to measure activity on the website. We distinguish 2 main types of cookies:
  • Functional cookies (essential cookies) are necessary for the website to function properly. That is why you can't take them out. For example, functional cookies store your language preferences throughout different web pages, remember the items that you have placed in a shopping basket, etc.
  • Non-essential cookies are all cookies that are not strictly necessary for the website to function properly, including:
    • Relevant cookies are used to analyse the use of the website or to personalize the website in accordance with your preferences (e.g. i.e. i.v.m. advertisements). You can decide whether or not to accept these cookies.
    • Third-party cookies are placed by third parties (other than Contaynor), mainly for advertising products. You can decide whether or not to accept these cookies.
List of cookies we collect
The table below gives an overview of the cookies we use on our website. In some cases, third parties may have access to the cookies. In that case, this is referred to as ”access by third parties”.
<city>-authTokenFunctionalAllows you to log-in without having to use your email and password, Stored 1 hour