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Andy Answers Your Questions
Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below, with Andy’s answers alongside. If you have any questions that aren’t answered (or you’d just like to say hello) then drop us an e-mail or fill out the contact form below – we’d love to hear from you!
frequently asked questions
I am a Contaynor client – what do I have to do?
We already transferred your account (the email-address you used to order at Contaynor) and your open bottle deposits from previous orders (the Gift Cards you used to receive) to Andy.be. To access your account and be ready to order it is just three steps.
1. Click on “My profile” in the menu. A popup will appear where you enter your email-address and click the “Already Contaynor client” button.
2. This leads to a Reset-password page. Just type in your mail and the Captcha and reset your password. Check your mail and follow the instructions.
3. Place your order! Choose your delivery time and enter your address (due to regulations we could not transfer your address from Contaynor to Andy) at Checkout and you are good to go. Your deposits are automatically detracted from your order in the form of “Andy credits”. We are looking forward to delivering to you!
What times do you deliver?
We deliver from 9am til 22pm, Monday to Saturday – you can choose the timeslot that works best for you.
Is delivery really free?
Yes, delivery with Andy is totally free for all orders over 30€.
Do you bring my drinks up to my apartment?
Of course we do, no matter which floor you live (also your garage or basement – up to you). To make that even easier, you can add the floor our location of your delivery as a note during checkout. Otherwise, just let our driver know when he rings your doorbell where you want your drinks delivered.
What happened to Contaynor?
Contaynor became Andy to give you an even better delivery experience. The friendly bottle-guy driving around in a green van is much nicer than the old, blue design, don’t you think? But be assured, the team and mission did not change.
Can I return my empty crates with you?
That´s very easy: we pick up all your empty crates when we deliver to you. So have those empties ready and hand them to your Andy driver when he arrives with your drinks – he will scan them and you will get them reimbursed as Andy Credits directly into your Account here at Andy.be!
What are Andy Credits?
When we pick up your empty crates with your delivery – we put those in our system and you get Andy Credits automatically added to your account. These will automatically be deducted from your next order to make it as easy as possible for you.
I want to cash out my Andy Credits, can I?
Sure – just hit the ‘please refund’ button in the ‘Andy Credits’ section of your account, or write us a mail or use the contact form.
I saw you deliver in 180 minutes – but I don´t see that option?
Indeed, we deliver within 180 minutes! For starters, this option is available in central Brussels. The rest of Brussels will follow shortly! If you see the option but cannot click it in the Checkout, that means we are currently having too many orders – so we deactivate the option temporarily to make sure all delivers arrive in time! In that case – please choose a timeslot or give us a few hours so we can deliver to you in lightning-speed as well!
You mention sustainability a lot – what´s the point?
We deliver electric to reduce emissions, we off-set the carbon from all the drinks we sell, the jackets of our drivers are made of recycled bottles (we hope they don’t look like that!), we move towards a fully paperless-office and much more. Why? Because we believe, that if we don´t find solutions which improve the Status Quo while taking more into account than just profits, we are in deep s*** very soon. That´s why we at Andy truly try to do our part – by offering a top-notch service which we carry out with as much responsibility as we can. Could we do more? Sure – we try to improve daily – but hey, we have to start somewhere.
Can I join Andy?
We are always on the lookout to expand our team. Whether that´s as a (student or full-time) driver, to join our warehouse-crew or as a student wanting to get their hands dirty in the startup-world– just drop us a mail and we will be in touch shortly!
I would like you to add a product which I can´t order with Andy yet – what do I do?
We are always happy about inspiration and ideas for new drinks! Just let us know via the contact form or send us a mail. The most requested products will find their way to our website!
I have a queston which isn´t answered here?
Andy is always happy to help. If you have any question which isn´t listed here – please reach out via the contact-form below or let us know via email to [email protected]!
Contact Andy
Contact information
If you have any questions which aren´t answered above – or want to get in touch for deliveries for your event or company – we are always happy if you reach out to us!
+32 2 8996366
Industrielaan 65 1070 Brussels
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The easiest way to get in touch is to just fill out the contact form below. We will get in touch as soon as possible!