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Chimay Blue

Premium Belgian brown beer (9,0%)
24 x 33cl
Bottle deposit: €4.50

Bottle deposit

The amount of bottle deposit (if there is any) attached to a product is shown in the product details. Once you give back the empty crates, you get the bottle deposit back in the form of Andy credits.

You can include Chimay Blue in your serving for Christmas. The beer was initially brewed for Christmas in 1948. Chimay 9% has a dark amber color with flavors of caramels and spices. It pours a slightly dark brown color with a creamy head. It has a sweet-bitter, fruity, bready, and malty taste. It is one of the Trappist products with a caramel and clove finish. Chimay Blue is medium-bodied. The beer has a strong aroma of fresh yeast. It is unpasteurized and well fermented.