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Captain Morgan Gold Spiced

Premium Spiced Rum (35,0%)
Captain Morgan
1 x 70cl
Captain Morgan Rum is a widely known figure in the beverage market. Every bottle of this rum brand is adorned by the 17th century pirate Henry Morgan who sailed around the world in his day. The life of this pirate was honored many years later in the form of a Caribbean rum of his own from Jamaica, which is also the country where he settled after a long career at sea.When you choose Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, you choose a delicious spicy rum that you can enjoy in different ways. It is known that various exotic spices form the basis of this rum and you can taste this. There are also pleasant taste influences of vanilla to note.Mixing with Captain Morgan Rum is very simple, you only need an ice-filled glass, a bottle of Captain Morgan and your favorite soft drink. Pour about 30ml of rum and top it up with the soda of your choice. Add a slice of lemon as a garnish if desired and you are ready to enjoy a delicious treat.