Free delivery to your doorstep

We believe, convenience shouldn´t cost the world (hah!). That said, we deliver always for free, no matter whether that´s to your basement, the 3rd floor or to your rooftop-bar (if you have one - we´d love to have a beer there, so get in touch!). How do we manage that? Simply put by efficient planning and smart route-optimization through the city. Either way, we hope you enjoy our service!

Fast delivery

No one likes waiting. That´s why we aim to deliver all your drinks within 180 minutes from the moment of your order. And as we believe that reliability is even more important than speed, we are rolling out that service throughout our whole delivery region step by step, to make sure all orders arrive as promised. For starters, this option is available in selected regions in Brussels (St. Gilles, Anderlecht, Uccle and Forest). The other regions of Brussels will follow shortly - so please pick the most convenient delivery time-window for you!

Easy return of empties

Andy is all about convenience. So, of course, we take back your empty crates and don´t let you drag those to the supermarket. How does that work? Simply put, give your empty crates to our driver upon delivery of your fresh drinks. The value of the returned crates gets automatically credited to your account and is automatically detracted from your next order – easy!

Eco-friendly delivery

We’re (truly) trying our best to be responsible citizens of the world. That’s why Andy has sustainability and eco-friendliness built right in: from driver uniforms made from recycled bottles, to a full carbon-offset of all drinks we sell and deliver, to our electric vans that we charge only with renewable energy, to our paperless office. We know that won´t solve all problems, but we hope, it´s a step in the right direction.